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Saturday, March 29, 2008

IMO Petition of S.D. of Removal for the Voluntary Self-Exclusion List

03-20-08 A-3427-06T2

The Casino Control Commission promulgated regulations for
voluntary self-exclusion of problem gamblers from New Jersey
gaming activities. S.D. signed up for the lifetime SEL. Though
acknowledging he voluntarily requested, with full knowledge and
intent, the direct statutory consequences of his placement on
the SEL, namely a lifetime ban from New Jersey casinos, S.D.
sought removal upon becoming aware that some out-of-state
casinos affiliated with those in New Jersey would also exclude
him from their gaming facilities.
The Commission denied the application, concluding the
potential extra-territorial consequences of placement on New
Jersey's SEL are collateral and do not negate the applicant's
voluntary actions, the harm is minimal when balanced against the
statutory aims of the SEL, and the agency's revision of its form
to include reference to this potential consequence after being
informed of it by S.D. do not demonstrate an acknowledgement of
a duty to disclose this information or the insufficiency of the
prior form signed by S.D.
We discern no basis to second-guess the agency's decision.