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Sunday, March 18, 2018

IN THE MATTER OF A.D., W.D., K.D., SA.B., T.B., SE.B., AND M.B. A-1905-15T4

IN THE MATTER OF A.D., W.D., K.D., SA.B., T.B., SE.B., AND M.B. 

The court addresses certain legal questions that arise when a case that involves the custody of a child under a Title 9 abuse or neglect FN complaint filed by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency is interrupted by a private custody case initiated by a member of the child’s family. To ensure legal protection for the parents, the court suggests a method of handling FD non-dissolution complaints when they are heard in the midst of FN abuse or neglect litigation. The FD hearing should be incorporated into the FN litigation and attorneys for the parents and children should participate. The court does not reverse here because the mother consented to the result. The court also affirms the finding of educational neglect and the dismissal of the FN litigation despite the objection of the mother.