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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rights in Negligence cases

In the Event that You or a Member of Your Family Suffers Serious Injury Due to the Negligence of Others.... Know Your Rights
INSURANCE COVERAGE: Some insurance industry figures estimate that over 20% of drivers are driving on our roads with no liability coverage! Many other drivers are underinsured for cases involving serious injuries. In New Jersey, you have the right to obtain uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage which protects you in the event that the at fault driver is not adequately insured. An attorney can explain the rights and obligations associated with each type of coverage, and can assist you in discovering all available insurance.

TIME LIMITATIONS: New Jersey law requires a victim to bring a claim within a specific time period, or legal action is barred forever. It is also critical to document and preserve important evidence related to a potential claim as soon as possible. An attorney can offer advice to ensure that your rights will not be jeopardized by the passage of time.

LEGAL ADVICE FROM INSURANCE COMPANIES: If an insurance adjuster asks you to sign a release or other legal document, attempts to obtain a recorded statement in person or by telephone, offers you legal advice or discourages you from speaking with a lawyer, BE CAUTIOUS! Insurance adjusters are not permitted to engage in the unauthorized practice of law. An injury attorney will offer advice that protects you, not the insurance company.

Assistant Editor: Ernest Fantini